Management made easy

This online booking system makes it easy for you to manage all your club court reservations.

Tennis Planner Reservationview
Already using another booking system? No worries!

Tennis Planner is easy to use alongside your current booking system. For example, you can open one court for mobile bookings, or allow mobile bookings only in the evenings. Entering your preferences in the settings is easy. And with every new booking you’ll get an email with information about the reservation.

The benefits for your club

More tennis players – higher court occupancy – more turnover

Make sure you can be found

 New tennis players can search and find your club through the mobile app.

Easy for your customers and for you

You will be offering your customers an extremely user-friendly booking system. Easy for them and for you, as customers make their own reservations.

Direct contact

The app’s extensive communication options will allow to you keep players up to date with information about your club.

Higher turnover

The mobile app makes it easier for courts to be booked and increases the number of reservations. It’s simple to use and available to players 24/7.

The mobile app for your customers

The Tennis Planner let your customers make their own court reservations, quickly and easily.


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